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 . . ground and structure of the business . . . is the same, and the only difference is that the capital requirement has changed. It's over US $2 billion now instead of US $1.5 billion. But the main thrust of the business is the same. In April 2015, Cyber Gold (SGX: C3) announced that it had signed the definitive agreements with the remainder of the principal shareholders of KPMG Private Equity Partners, and that they would trade as Cyber Gold PLC and Cyber Gold Ltd, respectively. Cyber Gold stated that the final purchase price had been increased to US$2 billion due to the inclusion of a first charge of US$1.5 billion and costs associated with the preparation of the new prospectus. Cyber Gold and KPMG Private Equity Partners agreed to an option period of three years and nine months to build up the necessary working capital, allowing the companies to achieve economies of scale. In addition, the agreement will result in KPMG Private Equity Partners and its parent, KPMG LLP, becoming a minority shareholder of Cyber Gold. As a result, KPMG LLP (Australia) Ltd will be renamed to Cyber Gold Australia Ltd. In April 2016, Cyber Gold agreed to a capital raise with an announcement that the company would raise US$2 billion, thereby becoming the first company to raise this amount of capital for investment into the Australian mining sector. This capital raise was the biggest yet in the history of the mining sector and the biggest capital raise in Australian history, with investors comprising pension funds, family offices, private wealth funds, sovereign wealth funds, and endowments. Cyber Gold's initial offer price of 2.5 Australian cents per share was above the initial offer price of 2.1 Australian cents per share offered by Cyprus-based Tintri Group in August 2014. Tintri's business was subsequently taken over by a consortium consisting of CGG Capital, in April 2015, for US$200 million, and OceanaGold in December 2016. In January 2017, Cyber Gold increased its paid-up capital to US$220 million. The new paid-up capital represents the total value of Cyber Gold shares which have been held in record keeping or other retirement schemes. Cyber Gold shares are not listed on any stock exchange and therefore cannot be traded on the open market. In February 2017, OceanaGold was looking to raise A$1.3 billion




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PKR Lets Play - 3D Poker DRM Free

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